Pergolas, Ramadas & Gazebos

Published On: February 16th, 2024|

The extreme temperatures of summer drive everyone to look for ways to keep cool. Most homeowners first choose to invest in a swimming pool to provide relief when temperatures reach 100 or more. But even in the cool water of a swimming pool, the sun is blazing down on you. The second most popular solution, to beating the summer heat, is the addition of a shade structure. Most homes are constructed with a “builder patio” which does provide some shaded area but not very much. It can accommodate a table and chairs but that is about the limit to its usefulness. Homeowners who want to really enjoy their outdoor living space in the summertime are seeking a much larger option to create shade for relaxing, barbecuing, or when relaxing in the pool.

DAYSTAR LANDSCAPES, Inc. offers many different solutions for getting out of the sun but still enjoying the great outdoors. As a licensed landscape
contractor, DAYSTAR is one of the few landscape contractors who can legally install a shade structure as a part of your landscape and pool design. One of the DAYSTAR designers can help determine which shade structure will best meet your needs and complement your personal landscape style.

Basic Shade

basic outdoor shade structures are Pergola structures. These are the least expensive structures because they are made entirely of wood and can be built in a few days. Ranging from 100 Sq Ft to over 600 Sq Ft, Pergolas can accommodate almost any style simply by customizing the support posts. For example, an Italian Pergola would be built using Corinthian stone columns or a Southwestern Pergola would be constructed of wood columns or round peeled posts. An upgraded Pergola can be designed to include built-in landscape lighting, shade cloth to provide more complete shade inside the structure, or even a “double-post” feature that provides structural support for a more prominent shade canopy.

Upgrade Shade

For larger and more substantial shade structures, a Ramada is by far the best selection. These structures have a completely sealed roof which is constructed much like the roof of your home. In most designs, a Ramada uses the same stucco texture and roof tiles as your home so that the structure balances with your existing home. Outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, and speakers can all be included in your Ramada design. The goal for a Ramada is for it to feel and look like an extension of your home.

Premium Shade

Outdoor living spaces begin with covered patio areas. These are the anchor space around which the rest of your project will be designed. DAYSTAR can build some of the most elaborate outdoor living spaces in DFW and they all begin with a custom Ramada, Pergola, or Gazebo. Homeowners who want to make the most of their outdoor living space often request a Ramada at the pool which is sunken to the water level. This not only provides a great shaded space near the pool but also facilitates a swim-up bar area as well. Homeowners love the ability to create a connection between their pool and bar area. Adding a custom fireplace to your Ramada provides you with a great outdoor space that can be enjoyed year-round.

Quality Design & Construction 

Make sure you are familiar with the requirements and guidelines that your HOA has in place for shade structures. In many associations, you’re required to match the architecture and finishes of your shade structure to your home.

All DAYSTAR backyard structures are custom-built to meet our client’s design needs. In addition, we handle all aspects of the design and engineering required for city permits (if needed). As an “added value” to our clients, DAYSTAR handles the HOA submittal requirements, secures the necessary city permits, and coordinates each city inspection. Typically, any structure over 150 Sq Ft will require some sort of city or county inspection. DAYSTAR Landscapes, Inc. designers are very skilled in handling these tedious submittals for our clients.

Make your backyard a year-round Oasis with these simple, yet effective shade solutions. Contact Daystar Landscapes, Inc. today to schedule your consultation.

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