Meet Our Owners

“As with any business the key to success is to keep customers happy. Daystar Landscapes, Inc. works hard to honor their word, always doing their best to transform the customers vision into reality.”

Jeff & Donna Canfield, the owners of Daystar Landscapes Inc. Jeff moved to Texas from Oklahoma in March 1984. He and his wife, Donna, have been married for almost 40 years. The couple has been blessed with three children (Josh, Kaitlyn, and Kristyn) and five grandchildren (Gracie, Miles, Leighton, Hazel and Rory); looking back on the origin of Daystar, Jeff notes, “When I first moved to Texas, I looked at what opportunities were available for business ventures. After researching the requirements and affordability of getting started, I decided to start a landscaping company. In the early days, I worked nights stocking groceries at Brookshires and found landscaping jobs during the day. I started Daystar Landscapes Inc. by renting a wheelbarrow and purchasing tools on a Sears credit card.” Jeff has always enjoyed working outdoors, so initially, he operated as a one-person crew and grew the business from there.

“Back in the 80s, landscaping didn’t have city requirements for a C.O., so it was easy to tell which newly occupied homes still needed landscaping. I started by knocking on doors to get jobs. My business grew through word-of-mouth referrals. I was blessed to connect with several custom home builders eventually and then production builders, which allowed me to lay the foundation for what Daystar Landscapes Inc. has grown into today.” Jeff adds, “Daystar Landscapes Inc. primarily focuses on residential new build landscape installations, outdoor living designs, and homeowner renovations. We have contracts with some of the best residential builders in North Texas and pride ourselves on servicing the builders’ and the home buyers’ needs. This business has enabled us to grow relationships with homeowners further by offering enhancement and renovation services to fit their tastes and lifestyle needs. “As with any business, the key to success is to keep customers happy. Daystar Landscapes Inc. works hard to honor its word, always trying to transform the customer’s vision into reality. Daystar’s professional landscape designers offer extensive knowledge of local plant selections, proper year-round maintenance, and creative design solutions that will complement the customer’s existing landscape.

The Canfield Family